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Spiral Waves
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Ron Stewart

From the firehouse to the statehouse, Ron will be there to make sure you and your family are safe and secure. 

Ron knows what it means to have courage under fire and knows the people of Oklahoma need someone with integrity who refuses to back down when your family's future is on the line.

Spiral Waves

His Story

Ronald Stewart is a proud parent, a public servant, and a lifelong Tulsan. Born into the neighborhood known as the “annex”,  Ronald is also a lifelong resident of District 73. Ronald’s childhood and life experiences were shaped by lessons learned in neighborhoods that span from 62nd St N and Cheyenne Ave. to the Historic Greenwood District and many points between the two. Family, friends, the guidance of elders in the community, and educators have all contributed to forming the Ronald presented today.


Ronald is a product of the Tulsa Public Schools system, having attended Walt Whitman Elementary, Carver Middle School, and a graduate of Booker T Washington High School. The first in his family to attend college, Ronald completed his undergraduate and graduate education at Langston University, earning both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.


Ronald has strong community ties and loves serving the community as demonstrated by an extensive history of volunteerism, tutoring, mentoring, and advocacy throughout the city of Tulsa. Ronald has worked as a firefighter for over 18 years with 11 of those years served within the boundaries of District 73.

In 2019, Ronald accepted the challenge of taking on higher roles of responsibility within the fire department and completed the Paramedic program just as we all were learning of a worldwide pandemic.


These newly acquired skills and knowledge proved to be invaluable assets for the community during a time of uncertainty. Ronald is familiar with many of the adversities District 73 has experienced historically and continues to experience still.


He understands how historically, in many cases, the government has played a role in creating and supporting much of that adversity. However, Ronald is also familiar with the resilience of the community and the small victories that are achieved and celebrated despite the challenges.


Ronald is dedicated to working within government to help right the wrongs of the past and chart an equitable path for the future. He is ready to work and make government a place where everyone is included and no families are left behind. Ronald will stand up for you on day one.

Ron and Wife
Ron Stewart
Ron and Jesse Jackson
Ron Outdoors
Ron by firetruck
Ron at event
Ron and Suzanne Schreiber
Ron at First American Museum
Ron and Brad Henry
Ron Stewart with Family_edited
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