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Image by Mick Haupt

Ron's Vision
for Oklahoma's House District 73

Ron is a champion of Voting Rights, Small Businesses, Education, Health, and Public Safety for every Tulsan. 

Join Ron in crafting a resilient, inclusive, and flourishing District 73, grounded in the diverse voices and shared aspirations of Tulsans.

Voting Rights

Voting is the bedrock of our democracy and the right upon which all of our civil liberties rest. We must protect and expand citizens' rights to vote in our elections.

Real change is accomplished by shining light on our diverse community’s many needs and bringing people together to take an active role in bringing that change to bear.

Ronald is passionate about expanding voter access in Oklahoma and making sure Tulsans have a say in who represents them at the Capitol.


Public education is the backbone of any strong community. Oklahoma’s per-student spending is one of the lowest in the nation. We need to change that.

Instead of taking vital funds away from public education, we need to ensure that our educators and their classrooms are funded sufficiently. When our educators and public schools suffer, our children and our state suffer.

As your representative, Ronald will always support our schools.

Public Safety

Our state is missing the mark on too many issues related to criminal justice and public safety.

We are incarcerating our citizens 50% more than the national average and are twice the national average in imprisoning women.

Our prisons are often overfilled and understaffed, and we continue to experience crime rates that are above the national average while our neighbors are being killed in the streets.

What our legislature is doing isn't working. Ronald will work to champion innovative, data-driven policies that will keep Tulsa safe and healthy.

Small Business

In this competitive economic environment, we need a representative who understands the needs of our working families.

We must fight to bring sustainable well-paying jobs to pair with our strong workforce. Our small businesses are vital to our local economy, culture, and way of life.

So many Oklahomans work hard to provide quality goods and services for our community right here in District 73.

We need to protect our local family-owned businesses and startups from creeping nationalization. If we’re going to build a brighter future for Oklahoma, we’ll need our small businesses at the table and thriving. Ronald will always stand up for our local businesses and their workers.


All Oklahomans deserve access to affordable and quality healthcare. Over 500,000 Oklahomans still do not have health coverage. Although we passed Medicaid expansion in 2020, there are still threats to reduce and restrict access to health care.

Currently, we rank among the lowest in the nation for uninsured adults and children. In order to have a bright future, we need healthy Oklahomans who aren't forced to choose between going to the doctor and putting food on the table.

Ronald will work diligently to make sure we can get the medical treatment we need.

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